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Pfluger Named Impeachment Manager for Mayorkas Senate Trial

WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Representative August Pfluger (TX-11) has been named an Impeachment Manager in the Senate Impeachment Trial of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Congressman Pfluger is the Chairman of the Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence Subcommittee on the House Homeland Security Committee. He has been instrumental in the Committee's efforts to secure the southern border by helping author the strongest border security legislation ever passed by the House, exposing the number of known and suspected terrorists crossing the southern border, authoring the law to seal cross-border drug tunnels, and more.

Rep. August Pfluger: "It is a sad day when Congress is left with no options but to impeach a Cabinet Secretary. I will proudly represent the interests of Texans in laying out the case for why Secretary Mayorkas deserves to be impeached for the national security crisis he has created at our border."

Read the resolution authorizing Rep. Pfluger as an impeachment manager here.