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Pfluger Introduces Legislation to Revoke Visas and Federal Student Aid for Individuals Convicted of Assaulting Police Officers or Rioting

WASHINGTON, DC — Congressman August Pfluger (TX-11) has introduced two new bills aimed at enhancing public safety and reinforcing the rule of law. The first bill, the Uproot Rioting International Students Engaged in Radical Subversion Act (UPRISERS) Act, will deport individuals in the U.S. on visas who engage in violent activities. The second piece of legislation, the Freeze Aid for Student Assaulters (FAFSA) Act of 2024, will strip federal student aid from those who are convicted of assaulting police officers or participating in riots.

Congressman Pfluger issued the following statement:

"I'm proud to introduce two critical pieces of legislation to ensure safety and uphold the rule of law. The ‘UPRISERS Act’ will revoke the visas of any international students, faculty members, exchange visitors, and any other individuals in the US on an academic-related visa who assault a police officer or participate in riots. Additionally, we will strip federal student aid from those convicted of these violent acts. If you attack our officers or riot in our streets, you will face consequences—no exceptions."

The UPRISERS Act specifically targets international students, faculty members, and other visa holders, ensuring that those who assault law enforcement officers or engage in rioting are held accountable. By revoking the visas of those who participate in such violent activities, this legislation seeks to maintain order and protect communities. Representatives Troy Balderson (OH-12), Don Bacon (NE-02), Chuck Edwards (NC-11), and Mike Kelly (PA-16) are original co-sponsors.

The FAFSA Act aims to reinforce this stance by removing federal student aid benefits from individuals convicted of assaulting police officers or rioting. By denying these benefits, the bill intends to deter violent behavior and promote a safe learning environment for all students. Representatives Jack Bergman (MI-01), Troy Balderson (OH-12), Chuck Edwards (NC-11), Troy Nehls (TX-22), Mike Lawler (NY-17), Pete Stauber (MN-08), and Mike Kelly (PA-16) are original co-sponsors.

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