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Community Projects

2023 Requests:

Proposed Recipient: 17th Training Wing, Goodfellow Air Force Base
Proposed Project: Pipeline Student Dormitory for Goodfellow Air Force Base (GAFB)
Project Location: 351 Kearney Blvd, Suite 220 San Angelo, TX 76908
Request Amount: $82,000,000
Explanation of Request: The requested $82,000,000 will address the need for additional bedspace on the base. Currently, GAFB is running a 422-bed deficit for pipeline students. The bed deficit has been temporarily mitigated by the addition of temporary dorms and a housing agreement with the local university, but this is a stop gap measure that is unsustainable.
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Proposed Recipient: Bell County Police Department
Proposed Project: Bell County Law Enforcement Equipment Modernization Plan 
Project Location: 101 East Central Avenue, Belton, Texas 76513
Request Amount: $1,924,700
Explanation of Request: Bell County Police Department is requesting funds to update technology and equipment to protect local communities in a time of tremendous population growth and increasing law enforcement demands.
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Proposed Recipient: City of San Angelo Police Department 
Proposed Project: Police Communications Technology Upgrade
Project Location: 401 E Beauregard, San Angelo, TX  76903
Request Amount: $3,494,476.65
Explanation of Request: The funds requested will replace handheld and in-car radios with multi-band radios that facilitate interagency communications, and to replace all in-car rugged laptops and docking stations with new equipment to meet the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information System requirements.
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Proposed Recipient: Concho Valley Council of Governments
Proposed Project: Concho Valley Transit District Bus Safety and Maintenance Facility
Project Location: 5430 Link Road, San Angelo, Texas 76904
Request Amount: $2,231,848
Explanation of Request: The funding would construct an on-site maintenance facility to perform preventative, corrective, and predictive maintenance for the Concho Valley Transit District (CVTD) that serves 12 counties, and provides demand-response services, fixed-route services, and American Disability Act para-transit. The CVTD contracts with multiple nonemergency transportation (NEMT) service providers to help facilitate transportation services for Medicaid clients.
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Proposed Recipient: Texas A&M University- Central Texas 
Proposed Project: Forge Economic Development Incubator
Project Location: 1101 Leadership Place, Killeen, TX 76549
Request Amount: $2,794,000
Explanation of Request: Texas A&M University- Central Texas is requesting funds to purchase and renovate/revitalize a building in downtown Killeen, Texas to house the Forge Economic Development Incubator (FEDI). This project will create an economic development incubator for workforce development in the central Texas region and in support of those transitioning from Ft. Hood to the workforce.
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Proposed Recipient: Texas Department of Transportation
Proposed Project: I-20 Widening in Midland and Ector County, Texas
Project Location: 125 East 11th Street, Austin, Texas 78701
Request Amount: $5,000,000
Explanation of Request: The $5,000,000 requested would expand Interstate 20 in Midland and Ector Counties from four lanes to six lanes, as well as the conversion of the frontage roads to one way from east of CR 1300 in Midland County to the JBS Interchange in Ector County.
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Proposed Recipient: Texas Department of Transportation
Proposed Project: US 277- Operational Improvements (TxDOT Project Id: 0264-06-044)
Project Location: 4502 Knickerbocker Road, San Angelo, TX 76904
Request Amount: $3,000,000
Explanation of Request: The requested funds would be used for operational improvements on U.S. 277 between 0.75 miles North of FM 2105 and U.S. 67 described as Construct to Freeway Standard. The project has been identified by the U.S. 67/U.S. 87 Relief Route Study as a preferred alternative to current traffic routes. Because traffic is currently routed through downtown San Angelo, local freight traffic is leading to congestion, crashes, and increased wear and tear on local roads.
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Proposed Recipient: City of Llano Police Department
Proposed Project: Project Safe Officer
Project Location: 301 W. Main, Llano, TX 78643
Request Amount: $74,024
Explanation of Request: The funds requested would provide the City of Llano Police Department with a utility task vehicle (UTV) to better patrol local roads and along the Llano River, as well as update officer protection equipment to protect citizens and assist officers in obtaining information that may lead to serious crime arrests.
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Proposed Recipient: Killeen Fort Hood Regional Airport
Proposed Project:
Relocation of Taxiway E Design and Construction
Project Location:
101 N. College Street, Killeen, TX 76540
Request Amount:
Explanation of Request:
The $5,150,000 will be used to remove direct access Taxiway E from the primary apron to the runway. The safety improvement will be necessary as increased general aviation traffic is anticipated with the addition of two new city-owned hangars under construction with apron access due to be completed by 2023.
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Proposed Recipient: Kimble Rural Fire Department
Proposed Project: Kimble Rural Fire Department/Emergency Response Center
Project Location: 
401 College Street, Junction, TX 76849
Request Amount: $1,200,000
Explanation of Request: The funding would be used for remodeling the volunteer Kimble Rural Fire Department to house emergency response vehicles and first responders who are in Kimble County assisting during times of crises, such as floods, fires, and more.

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Proposed Recipient: Llano County
Proposed Project: Llano County Criminal Justice Complex
Project Location: 2001 N State Highway 16, Llano, TX 78643
Request Amount: $6,450,000
Explanation of Request: The $6,450,000 would create a new complex for Llano County that will increase public and staff safety, ensure trial and hearing integrity, provide more ADA compliant infrastructure, and make District Attorney, Clerk, and Courtroom operations more efficient, as each of those offices are currently housed in different buildings.

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Proposed Recipient: 
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
Proposed Project: Enabling Conservation Crop Management Research and Extension for Resilient Farm Communities
Project Location:  7887 U.S. Highway 87 North, San Angelo, TX 76901
Request Amount: $1,100,000
Explanation of Request: This funding would establish a farm site equipped with sensors and irrigation technology necessary to study crop water-use efficiency. The project would simulate a range of environments representative of both irrigated and unirrigated acreages in West Texas, and the corresponding establishment of a large-scale, long-term research trial/site comparing tillage regimes (conventional, strip-till, and no-till) under irrigated versus simulated rain fed conditions.

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Proposed Recipient: City of Lampasas
Proposed Project: City of Lampasas Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase 1 Improvements
Project Location: 100 Brown St. Lampasas, Texas 76550
Request Amount: $4,000,000
Explanation of Request: The City of Lampasas is requesting $4,000,000 to construct Phase 1 of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements that include a clarifier, blower facility, and belt filter press facility. The City of Lampasas’ Wastewater Treatment Plant improvements are a critical capital improvement project for the district to enable the region’s safe drinking water, human health, maintain lively economic and recreational activities, and the protection of crops and wildlife habitats.

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Proposed Recipient: Texas A&M AgriLife Research
Proposed Project: Sustainable Livestock and Small Ruminant Production
Project Location: 7887 U.S. Highway 87 North, San Angelo, TX 76901
Request Amount: $1,500,000
Explanation of Request: Texas A&M AgriLife Research requests $1,500,000 to build capacity for research supporting resource-efficient environmentally sustainable and profitable beef, dairy, sheep, and goat production across Texas’ diverse regional climates, soils, and landscapes. According to the USDA Census of Agriculture, District 11 ranks #2 compared to the other Texas congressional districts with the sales of sheep, goats, wool, mohair, and milk and ranks #3 in the sales of cattle and calves compared to other districts.

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Proposed Recipient: Texas A&M University System
Proposed Project: Telehealth Readiness for TX11
Project Location: 301 Tarrow Street, College Station, Texas 77840
Request Amount: $170,000
Explanation of Request: The funding requested for this project would be used to obtain and deploy state-of-the-art telemedicine equipment to five rural counties—Mason, Menard, Kimble, McCulloch, and San Saba—to prepare these communities for access to telehealth care from medical specialists at Texas A&M Health Science Center.

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2022 Requests:

Proposed Recipient: Angelo State University
Proposed Project: Developing the Future Aviation Workforce at Angelo State University
Project Location: 2601 W. Avenue N., San Angelo, Texas 76909

Requested Amount:  $2,000,000
Explanation of Request: Angelo State University is requesting $2,000,000 to support further development of Angelo State University’s Commercial Aviation degree program. This funding seeks to strengthen National Security and help build a more robust pathway for the aviation workforce in West Texas. This will include enhanced real-world experiences for students and hands-on engagement with professional instructors and utilization of the latest in aircraft, simulators, and instructional equipment. Commercial aviation is not only a key component of our national economy, but a central component in our National Security strategy. ASU aims to grow the number of individuals trained to fill these essential positions.

Proposed Recipient: Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT)
Proposed Project: Construct Overpass – US 385 – Intersection at South Loop 338
Project Location: 3901 E. Highway 80, Odessa, TX 79761

Requested Amount:  $7,000,000
Explanation of Request: $7,000,000 is requested to construct an overpass at the intersection of South Loop 338 and US 385 in Ector County, Texas – reducing travel time, congestion, crashes, and fatalities in West Texas. Construction of this overpass will improve safety and mobility of passenger vehicles as well as freight in this critical portion of Ector County. This project is included in the 2021-2024 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) as well as the Permian Basin Transportation Improvement Plan at the Permian Basin Metropolitan Planning Organization (PBMPO TIP).

Proposed Recipient:
 Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT)
Proposed Project: Ports-to-Plains – Interstate Planning
Project Location: 3901 E. Highway 80, Odessa, TX 79761

Requested Amount:  $2,000,000
Explanation of Request: Following the designation of the Ports-to-Plains Corridor as a Future Interstate in the FY2022 Appropriations, legislation, $2,000,000 is requested would initiate interstate planning. These planning funds would be used within the 11th Congressional District for Project Feasibility, Preliminary Design, Environmental, and Final Design. The major benefits of completed project in the first twenty-years of operation were described in the Ports-to-Plains Corridor Interstate Feasibility Study Final Report, this includes a $55.6 billion increase in Texas GDP, a 21% reduction in the crash rate, $4.1 Billion of Total Annual Travel Cost Savings and an increase of in employment of 22,110 jobs.

Proposed Recipient: 
Texas Tech Health Sciences Center
Proposed Project: Odessa Regional Telehealth Hub 
Proposed Location: 800 W. 4th Street, Odessa, TX 79763

Requested Amount:
Explanation of Request: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (Odessa) is requesting $2,600,000 to build upon existing services and platforms used by the TTUHSC to collaborate with community partners in the utilization of telehealth as a resource to expand health care infrastructure across rural areas. The funds requested will be used for equipment and infrastructure costs to establish a telehealth network for the area based in rural school districts and communities. The network will address primary care access across a wide rural region and generate a unique opportunity to train the next generation of the health care workforce in a rural America. TTUHSC aims to reduce overall health care costs for individuals by expanding access via telehealth, making healthcare more cost-efficient and beneficial to patients.

Proposed Recipient: Texas A&M University System
Proposed Project: Stand Ready Texas: Protecting Communities in TX11 From Wildfires
Project Location: 6801 FM 45 South, Brownwood, TX 76804

Requested Amount: $2,000,000
Explanation of Request: Texas A&M University System requests $2,000,000 to support and build the capacity of the communities of the 11th Congressional District of Texas to mitigate wildfire risks, restore landscapes, and protect our nation’s food security. In District 11, the market value of agricultural products sold is $1,239,636,000 with more than 65% of that from livestock and the other 35% in crops. Pastureland is the main source of feed for livestock. Additionally, between 2005 and 2018, there were 28 Southern Plains Wildfire Outbreaks that resulted in 2,754 fires that burned 3.9 million acres, caused the deaths of 27 civilians and one volunteer firefighter, and destroyed 763 homes. Stand Ready Texas aims to creating fire adapted communities, restoring, and maintaining fire resilient landscapes, and improves safe and effective wildfire response.

Proposed Recipient: Midland County Sheriff’s Office
Proposed Project: The Midland County Sheriff’s Office Radio and Communications Infrastructure ProjectProject Location: SH191 and Yukon Rd., Midland County, TX

Requested Amount: $913,400
Explanation of Request: Midland County requests funding to help facilitate new radio communication infrastructure that will include the new system support infrastructure associate with three new tower locations and upgrades to one current tower location. This funding will allow Midland County to procure and improve specific communications equipment that will greatly enhance both public safety and officer safety. Better coordination amongst law enforcement agencies and better communication within the Midland County Sheriff’s Department both serve the end goal of improved community policing efforts within County and region. Furthermore, these communications upgrades will only help advance police effectiveness and the flow of information among law enforcement agencies, local government service providers, and the communities they serve.