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Pfluger Speaks in Support of Impeaching DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Representative August Pfluger spoke on the U.S. House Floor in support of the Articles of Impeachment against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The impeachment proceedings of Secretary Mayorkas follow a year-long investigation, conducted by the House Homeland Security Committee, of the consequences of the crisis at the southern border.

Watch his remarks here, or read a transcript below:

"It is a sad day that we have to be here, but the Framers of our Constitution forecasted that this could occur. And while we're going to hear that this is a policy difference, that this is maladministration, this is the systemic refusal to follow the law to enforce the law. It's an egregious breach of public trust. And there are no other avenues here.

"There must be a consequence, there must be accountability. And that's why we are moving to impeach Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for endangering our country. Anyone with common sense can see that what is being allowed to happen at our border is not only a catastrophe, but it's a national security crisis.

"9 million illegal aliens have entered our country since President Biden has been in office and 300 people have matched the terror watch list. It took less than 20 people to orchestrate the attacks on 9/11, which sent me into twenty years of service to this country to protect us overseas. And yet, we are letting the Trojan Horse into our country that threatens us. We have a secretary who refuses to enforce the laws on the books.

"It is Congress' duty to ensure that the Department of Homeland Security is led by individuals committed to upholding the rule of law protecting our borders. The failure to secure the border has been so severe, that we have to provide accountability. Not only is this a systemic refusal to follow the law, but it's also the systemic deconstruction of the rule of law that eventually will eat away at this country. I urge everyone in the House to do something that actually gets accountability to impeach Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and to get our country secure."