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What they’re saying: Pfluger Food and Agriculture Cybersecurity Bill

Washington D.C., March 2, 2023 | Lyssa Bell (202-225-3605)

Agriculture producers are speaking in strong support for Congressman August Pfluger’s Food and Agriculture Industry Cybersecurity Support Act, which will create a one-stop shop for the cybersecurity needs of American farmers and ranchers. The bill is supported by the Texas Farm Bureau, Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association, Plains Cotton Growers, National Corn Growers Association, American Soybean Association, International Fresh Produce Association, and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA).

 “As technology in agriculture continues to advance, exposure to cybersecurity threats is increasing making our national food security vulnerable,” said Texas Farm Bureau (TFB) President Russell Boening. “Texas Farm Bureau appreciates Congressman August Pfluger for introducing the Food and Agriculture Industry Cybersecurity Support Act to establish safeguards to help protect our nation’s food supply from cybersecurity threats. We look forward to working with Congressman Pfluger to pass this bipartisan legislation to help ensure the future of our national food security.”

“Technology is increasingly a part of daily life for agricultural communities and with it come cybersecurity threats,” said Jim Quinn, Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association (TSGRA) President. “TSGRA appreciates Congressman Pfluger’s work in helping safeguard the agricultural industry with his introduction of the Food and Agriculture Industry Cybersecurity Support Act. This bipartisan bill is a crucial piece of legislation for protecting the food and agriculture industry from emerging threats.”

“Ransomware and other cyber-attacks by bad actors are a growing concern within the beef supply chain. NCBA appreciates the foresight of Reps. Pfluger, Veasey, Curtis, and Matsui to introduce this legislation that will help strengthen our country’s cybersecurity and offer a proactive response to possible attacks in the future.” - Ethan Lane, NCBA Vice President of Government Affairs

“My colleagues and I are especially supportive of the Food and Ag Industry Cybersecurity Support Act,” said Drew Zabrocki, Board Director of the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA). “ Our farmers are relied upon to nourish the world. Moreover, they are the beating heart of our agricultural communities employing, supporting, and inspiring generations of family-owned business and service organizations.  Ag technology systems are essential in developing new era technologies, advanced education, and sciences across our nation.  Cyber security threats are real and they can be complex to address.  Specialized cybersecurity support resources and support for the ag industry is essential; not only for food security but to maintain independence of the data and information systems that are the life-blood of our global food and nutrition supply chain.”

“Soybean farmers are always keeping one eye on their data, and we need to make sure cyber attacks on the critical food and ag infrastructure sector don’t result in the involuntary release, manipulation, or exploitation of our farm data,” said American Soybean Association President Daryl Cates, who farms in Illinois. “ASA applauds Congressman Pfluger for working to ensure our growers and food and ag value chain partners have the knowledge and resources to protect the cyber security of that data and all that it enables, from productive and sustainable farming practices to accessible and affordable food, energy, and consumer goods.”

“Plains Cotton Growers supports this bill as it provides our producers with educational resources to protect them from cyber theft and ransomware attacks in their operations as equipment and devices become more dependent on technology and software databases that are accessed online,” said Plains Cotton Growers Inc. CEO Kody Bessent. “We look forward to working with Congressman Pfluger as he and his team introduce the Food and Agriculture Industry Cybersecurity Support Act.” 

Texas corn farmer and National Corn Growers Association member Robert Gordon said, “The Food and Agriculture Industry Cybersecurity Act will take necessary steps to protect farmers across the country from growing cyber threats. Food security is national security and we appreciate Congressman Pfluger’s efforts to safeguard our industry in this changing landscape.”