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ICYMI: Pfluger slams “Chaos, crisis like no other” along the southern border on Sunday Morning Futures

Sunday morning, Congressman August Pfluger (TX-11) joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox News ‘Sunday Morning Futures’  to decry the Biden Administration’s crisis of no consequences along the U.S.-Mexico border.

On his visit to the border in McAllen, Texas:

“It’s a horrible situation. And the top-line message that I received from Border Patrol agents everywhere along the border is that there are no consequences. There are no consequences at all for illegal immigrants coming into this country, and yet we know that the consequences here for Americans are deadly. 110,000 people that died as a result of fentanyl, [and] the crime that is surging in our communities.

“And what I saw last week in McAllen, Texas, was the pain in these women’s and these children's eyes who are being trafficked at an average price of maybe $5,000, $6,000 per person.

“At the end of the tour, however, probably the most sickening thing that I came across was a Mexican national, a thug, a prior convicted felon that was in handcuffs. And he had a tattoo on his wrist. And I asked the Border Patrol agent what that tattoo meant. It was basically a skull that was being crushed. And he told me, well, he's a punisher. His job is to enforce the cartel laws in the United States. And so you have no consequences in the United States government, basically, because of Biden's policies not enforcing the laws that we have on the books. And yet now we have the cartel, who have people like this thug in the U.S., that are responsible for enforcing the cartel laws.

It's chaos, and it's a crisis like none other.

We don't need new laws… President Biden needs the political will to enforce the laws. And instead of sending Kamala Harris to go campaign and raise money in Texas, why don't we send her to the border? She's the border czar. She needs to go down there and understand it, and yet they refuse to even talk to the agents who are down there.

On his bill to prevent noncitizens from voting in elections within the United States:

If you're here in the United States illegally, you don't have the right to vote, period. And that's what my bill says. It's very simple. It's one page. And it makes it illegal for you to vote in Washington, D.C., and every other city that thinks that this is a good idea.

On the Republican Commitment to America:

As part of our Commitment to America, one of the key pillars is a nation that is safe… But it starts with our border. I can't think of another crisis that is more poignant and more harmful with consequences that are affecting every American community, especially those right next to the border.

We're going to get back to a government that's accountable. That's part of our commitment. And I think there's going to be a referendum in November, in just a few short weeks, that Americans have had enough with this open border policy. Whether it's fentanyl or voting or any other issue, we're going to get back to security. And it starts at our Southern border.”

Watch the full conversation here or below.