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Pfluger Defends Oil & Gas Industry Against Democrats’ Radical Reconciliation Bill

Congressman August Pfluger (TX-11) spoke on the House Floor defending oil & gas producers and workers in the Permian Basin from the dangerous anti-energy policies in the Democrats’ partisan budget reconciliation bill. Included in the package are harmful regulations and tax increases that will push the United States towards shortages and blackouts.

In his remarks, Pfluger warned that the Biden Administration has put the United States on the path towards an energy crisis comparable to the current crisis in Europe, where multiple countries are experiencing industry-wide shutdowns and preparing for cataclysmic blackouts due to their failed policies and reliance on Russian gas. “Cold, dark, and hungry, is where [our] families will be if we continue along this path,” Pfluger stated. “We cannot shackle our production with ill-advised policies and regulations. The Permian Basin …  is the reason that every American can enjoy affordable, reliable energy. Energy security is national security, and nothing can be more important.”

Pfluger concluded his remarks by urging Democrats in Congress to vote against budget reconciliation, stating: “Anyone voting in favor of reconciliation is voting against American energy, is voting against the independence that keeps our national security so strong. I urge my colleagues to support the energy industry.”

Watch his full speech here or below.