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House Dems block Pfluger bill to lower utility costs

Washington, September 20, 2022 | Lyssa Bell (
Tags: Energy

Today, 219 House Democrats BLOCKED consideration of Rep. August Pfluger’s (TX-11) legislation, the Protecting the Permian Basin Act of 2022.


  1. This bill would repeal the natural gas tax included in Democrats’ “Paycheck Reduction Act” that adds a fee for onshore and offshore petroleum and natural gas producers and processors. The tax will increase costs for American families and businesses and harm small, independent producers.  


With 40-year high inflation and the price of natural gas already surging, American families cannot afford even more costs to heat and power their homes. Energy prices are increasing as winter approaches.


Electricity prices had the largest increase since 1981 last month, and natural gas costs have doubled. That’s costing Americans who want to power and, as winter approaches, heat their homes.


Rep. Pfluger spoke on the House Floor in support of his resolution:

PFLUGER: “We don’t need higher taxes. Every American family is struggling. The solution is literally directly below our feet at the hands of the most innovative and experienced entrepreneurs, engineers, and hardworking patriots. It’s here. We can provide that reliability and reduce dependency.

“President Biden and Democrats have introduced another tax on American energy that will continue to drive costs up. How many more Americans will be unable to heat their homes this fall and winter when Democrat tax initiatives make their utility bills 50% more expensive than last year?”

 “The crowning achievement of President Biden’s energy policies will be dependence on adversaries for our energy needs. I couldn’t think of anything worse. Dependence on OPEC oil … when we can do it here better. We only need to look at the reckless policies in Europe to understand how bad this can be.”

“I urge my colleagues to cast their vote for the American family, for the senior on a fixed income, for the small business owner, and for energy security. Let me issue a warning: if we continue down this path, it will end in energy poverty‑right here in this country.”