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Pfluger Hosts Congressional Leaders at Goodfellow AFB

WASHINGTON, DC – Friday, Congressman August Pfluger (TX-11) hosted Representative Ken Calvert (CA-42), the Republican Leader of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, and Rep. Jake Ellzey (TX-6), a fellow fighter pilot and member of the MACH 1 Caucus, in San Angelo for a tour of Goodfellow Air Force Base. The Members were briefed on the intelligence training mission of the base, housing constraints, joint service capabilities, and fire protection school.     

Rep. August Pfluger: “Goodfellow Air Force Base is irreplaceable. It is the single most important military base for the DoD intelligence apparatus and the United States intelligence community. The base has graduated hundreds of thousands of national security professionals who work around the world to keep Americans safe. It was an honor to host Rep. Ken Calvert, the top Republican on the committee that allocates funding for our national defense, as well as fellow fighter pilot Rep. Jake Ellzey at Goodfellow to showcase how critical our base is to national security.”

Rep. Ken Calvert: “I appreciate my friend and colleague Rep. Pfluger giving me the opportunity to visit and learn about the tremendous contributions Goodfellow AFB makes to our national security. The base plays a critical role as the Defense Department’s premier training installation for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and fire protection. I was also impressed by the tremendous partnership between Goodfellow and the city of San Angelo, which has done a wonderful job supporting the mission at the base. I look forward to working with Rep. Pfluger to support Goodfellow and San Angelo.”

Rep. Jake Ellzey: "It was a privilege to join Representative Pfluger and Calvert today at Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo. The outstanding discipline, leadership, and camaraderie I saw today show why Goodfellow has been a leader in training our service members for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance since the 1950s."

Goodfellow Air Force Base is the DoD’s premier joint training installation for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and fire protection. The base has graduated over 360,000 trained professionals since its founding in 1950. Many of these service members have gone on to fill positions in principal intelligence organizations like the CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA, and more. Graduates to Goodfellow have been deployed to every theatre around the world. The award-winning military/community partnership between Goodfellow and San Angelo is remarkable and should inspire other communities to rally around our military.

Photos of the tour can be downloaded here.

A flyer of Goodfellow’s current contribution to national security and future growth opportunities can be downloaded courtesy of Rep. August Pfluger’s office here.