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Democrats Strike Down Pfluger Efforts to Protect Energy Industry from Climate Activists

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman August Pfluger (TX-11) submitted multiple amendments to protect the American oil and gas industry from radical green climate activism in the annual spending bill.

Instead of prioritizing domestic energy production, Democrats blocked Pfluger’s amendments that would have:

  • Ended America's involvement in the worthless Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Prevented a crude oil export ban.
  • Barred the EPA from implementing harmful regulations on the Permian Basin through a non-attainment redesignation.
  • Stopped wasteful spending on green energy projects.
  • Blocked President Biden from implementing his Climate Crisis Executive Order.
  • Struck all funding for the Defense Production Act Domestic Clean Energy Accelerator.
  • Prohibited climate activists from using the Endangered Species Act to shut down Agriculture and Energy production.

Rep. August Pfluger: “Despite record-high energy costs, producers in the Permian Basin are still enduring a barrage of attacks from the Biden Administration in rhetoric and policy. The President himself has vowed to end the fossil fuel industry, and he has appointed radical climate activists like John Kerry—who claims oil & gas will be obsolete in ten years—to craft his policies. I will always stand up for the Permian Basin and the industry that powers the world.”