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Pfluger: Democrats are trying to distract from crises with voting rights bill

Wednesday night, Congressman Pfluger (TX-11) spoke on the House Floor in opposition to the Democrats' federal election power grab.

Watch Congressman Pfluger’s remarks here. Transcript available below.

“M. Speaker,

I’m glad that it was brought up tonight, those who have served and been willing to give their lives for this country.

You know, if we are going to talk about numbers, let’s talk about the numbers in 2020. More people voted in 2020 than ever in the history of this country before—and yet we are talking about suppression.

Under Democrat leadership, our country is breaking records.

Record-high inflation, record-high illegal border crossings, historic levels of drug and human trafficking across the border, skyrocketing energy prices, surging crime rates, and countless empty shelves in grocery stores across the country.

Americans are watching the value of their paycheck literally shrink before their eyes in real-time as inflation spikes to the highest levels that we’ve seen in forty years.

The border is an absolute disaster. I was there last week. Illegal border crossings are again, the highest ever, with close to 2 million illegal apprehensions under President Biden’s watch.

Fentanyl has crossed our southern border at levels we have never seen before, and it’s the leading killer of young adults in this country—ending 100,000 lives in 2021 alone.

Instead of bolstering American energy security, this White House is spending their time lobbying FOR a Russian pipeline that will most certainly be used as a weapon against our allies in Eastern Europe.

The policies of this administration and a Democrat Congress have led us into a record-breaking season of crises—but instead of working to fix these issues, my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are attempting to distract the American people. Do we really think that Americans aren’t paying attention?

And tonight, Democrats are twisting the rules to pass a bill to nationalize our election system—allowing for hard-earned taxpayer dollars to finance political campaigns, handing control of congressional district boundaries to the “powers that be” in Washington, requiring states to allow felons to vote, and overriding wildly popular voter ID laws.

And to reference the President’s disappointing speech yesterday in Georgia … Supporting voter ID or opposing this Washington power grab does not make you George Wallace or Jefferson Davis. That is nonsense.

Americans deserve a President and government that will lead us out of crises, not create them. “