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Pfluger: President Biden’s budget further fuels inflation, other crises

Representative August Pfluger (TX-11) released the following statement today after President Biden submitted his fiscal year (FY) 2023 budget request to Congress:

“It is clear that President Biden is not buying his own groceries, filling up his gas tank, or watching his paycheck go down in value each month. If he was, he surely would not have proposed a nearly $6 Trillion budget that further fuels the record-high inflation caused by his party’s out of control spending programs. Instead of working to secure our border, quell rising crime, and unleash American energy dominance, his proposal makes these and other Democrat-caused crises worse.

“President Biden’s bloated budget spends $4.5 billion dollars on lawyers for illegal immigrants, billions on electric vehicles and charging stations, and $11 billion in taxpayer dollars to force the Left’s green climate agenda in other countries. Further troubling is the fact that the President’s defense funding request does not adjust for inflation and fails to provide our warfighters with the resources they need to effectively counter threats emanating from Russia, China, and Iran. American businesses and families will pay higher taxes while his tax proposal for unrealized gains sets a dangerous precedent for the future of investment and growth in our economy.

“We must refocus our priorities to secure our border, re-establish American energy independence, counter Russia and China, and promote policies that help businesses create jobs here at home in the USA.”