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Pfluger Introduces Bill to Reimburse Border States for Illegal Immigration Costs

Congressman August Pfluger (TX-11) is proud to announce the American Border Rescue Plan Act, a bill to allow state and local governments to use stimulus funds from the American Rescue Plan to cover the costs of border security. Congressman Pfluger released a statement following introduction of the bill:

“Border states like Texas spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on border security, and hundreds of millions more curtailing illegal immigration. Unfortunately, President Biden’s refusal to take accountability for his self-made mass migration crisis and properly address it at the federal level is dropping a devastating burden on our local communities—whose resources are running dry as they struggle to keep their citizens safe.

“This straightforward bill will help alleviate some of the fiscal burden by allowing state and local authorities to use stimulus funds appropriated in the American Rescue Plan to help cover the costs of protecting their communities when President Biden will not.

“I will continue pushing the Biden Administration to provide our state and local communities and border security agencies with the proper tools, personnel, and resources they need to secure our border and protect the safety of all Americans. It’s time to rescue our border.”

Full text of the bill available here.