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Pfluger Fly-By The Unmitigated Disaster in Afghanistan Must Be a Wake-Up Call to Every American

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The Unmitigated Disaster in Afghanistan Must Be a Wake-Up Call to Every American

As a 20-year Air Force veteran who flew dozens of combat missions over the Middle East and now a member of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee, it is heartbreaking to watch the destruction of Afghanistan—a place where we spent nearly two decades expending blood and treasure fighting the Taliban, denying Al Qaeda a terrorist stronghold, instituting democratic values, and building relationships with our Afghan partners.

Afghanistan is now burning. And the responsibility falls squarely on President Biden, who's decision to hastily retreat created the worst foreign policy catastrophe in decades—one that will have lasting impacts on America’s security and ability to engage our partners and allies for generations.  

In his address to the nation, President Biden's words were nothing short of blame shifting and an inability to accept the realities of this situation. He shifted blame to the Afghan government, the Afghan people, and President Trump. But the world knows the truth:

Afghanistan is paying the price for President Biden's disastrous call.

As commander-in-chief of this nation, President Biden should be in the situation room day-in and day-out closely monitoring the ongoing situation. Instead, he remains on vacation hiding from the media and saving face from our allies, partners, and the U.S. servicemembers and their families all of whom he failed.

The unmitigated disaster in Afghanistan must be a wake-up call to every American. Our strength, our resolve, and our future as the world leader and defender of democracy is being tested in real-time. And President Biden is failing.

I grew up in the doctrine of peace through strength, and it worked. Biden’s Doctrine of “crisis due to weakness,” is forcing our nation to realize an incredible number of threats from every possible direction. Instead of protecting our country, President Biden and his administration are surrendering to our enemies and rendering us more vulnerable to all.

The Biden Doctrine revealed: Hear no evil. See no evil. Stop no evil.

A president is supposed to lead us into safety and prosperity. President Biden is leading us into crisis after crisis. Afghanistan fell because of his posture of weakness.

Read my op-ed on Afghanistan here.

We Must Protect Afghani's and Americans Stranded in Uzbekistan

There are nearly 600 Afghan pilots, servicemembers, and their families stranded in Uzbekistan, including family members of Texas 11 constituents. The Uzbek government is under immense pressure from the Taliban to repatriate these individuals back to Afghanistan to face reprisals.

The United States must provide all necessary resources to assist the Uzbek government and prevent these Afghanis from being subjected to the brutal Taliban regime.

I stand ready to work with anyone across our government to ensure our promises to these brave men and women are kept and protect them from harm’s way.

President Biden's Leadership Has Lead into Crisis After Crisis

First, President Biden abandoned the safety of U.S. citizens by allowing the southern border crisis to run rampant. Now, he’s abandoning the safety of Afghan people who served alongside us by disgracefully retreating the country.

President Biden’s leadership has led us into crisis after crisis. By undoing President Trump’s strong foreign policy initiatives, President Biden is weakening our national security and impacting our ability to engage with partners and allies for generations.

I went on Mornings with Maria to discuss the Biden Administration’s failure in protecting our citizens and preventing evil amid the tragic situation unfolding in Afghanistan.

Watch here or below.


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Veterans: You Are Not Alone

To all of the Texas 11 heroes—service members, veterans, and family members of those who served and gave it all in Afghanistan—we will not forget your sacrifice.

If you are struggling, please reach out to the Veterans Crisis Line anytime, day or night, for free, confidential support.

You are not alone. This country stands with you.

Rep. August Pfluger

Member of Congress