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Pfluger Fly-By

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This week, Democrats are again scrambling to cram through trillions of dollars of new spending for their so-called infrastructure and reconciliation bills. Each is chock-full of harmful programs that will fundamentally change our country forever—by stripping our freedoms to make us even more dependent on big government programs.

Meanwhile, President Biden is in Europe vilifying American energy producers and peddling his Green New Deal agenda.

Republicans are speaking up to expose this radical agenda. I will do everything I can to push back and protect our freedoms and Texas way of life.

Border Crisis Continues

We now know that over 1.7 million illegal immigrants were apprehended crossing the southwest border this year—the highest number ever—and CBP has seized enough fentanyl at the border to kill every person in the United States seven times over.

On top of this, over 400,000 people illegally crossed the border and got away this last year, and we have no information about these individuals or their whereabouts.

Even as migrant caravans with thousands of migrants march towards our border, his administration continues to mislead Americans and deny the crisis.

I am extremely concerned about who is facilitating these caravans, and what organizations are possibly involved in drug and human trafficking along the way.

The blame for the crisis falls squarely on President Biden and his open-border policies.

His administration’s blatant disregard for border security is unacceptable, and puts the safety of Texans and all Americans at risk.

I am urging President Biden and Democrats in Congress to come to the table and work with Republicans on commonsense measures to secure our border and protect American lives.

Watch my Floor speech with the latest updates on the Biden Border Crisis here.


Awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to 13 American Heroes

Last week, the bill that I supported to posthumously award the Congressional Gold Medal to the 13 American heroes who lost their lives in the Kabul Terror attack passed the House.

May we never forget their heroism—or the sacrifice of their families.

Justice for Slain Texas ICE Agent

In 2011, two ICE Special Agents from Texas, Jaime Zapata and Victor Avila, were gunned down by a Mexican cartel while working to curtail drug and human trafficking to our southern border. Tragically, Jaime Zapata was killed.

The killers were extradited to the United States, but a loophole in federal law allowed them to escape the murder convictions and sentences they were found guilty for.

Last week, Congress passed legislation to close the loophole and ensure that any individual who threatens the life and safety of a U.S. federal officer serving abroad can and will be brought to justice.

I was proud to speak on the House Floor in support of this legislation and our brave law enforcement, border patrol, and ICE agents who put themselves in harms way to protect our country.

Watch here or below.

Coin Flip at Permian vs. Legacy

My family and I had so much fun under the Friday Night Lights for the San Angelo Central vs. Midland Legacy game this weekend.

Camille and I are so blessed to be able to raise our girls here in the 11th District of Texas—where family values, patriotism, and love for community abound. God bless TX-11!

Thank you for reading. It is the honor of my lifetime to serve you in Congress. Please follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for daily updates.

Rep. August Pfluger

Member of Congress