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Unlocking America's energy potential by reversing Biden's LNG export ban

Originally published by The Washington Times on April 18, 2024.


When energy security and economic prosperity hang in the balance, the importance of prioritizing American energy production cannot be overstated. That is why it is imperative to reverse President Biden’s ban on future liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, which threatens our nation’s energy independence and the livelihoods of millions of Americans.

The ban on LNG exports is a shortsighted policy that disregards the immense potential of America’s energy sector. By inhibiting the export of LNG, the Biden administration is effectively stifling one of our most valuable resources and hindering the growth of a critical industry. This decision not only undermines our economic competitiveness on the global stage but also compromises our national security by diminishing our ability to leverage energy as a diplomatic tool.


Consider the impact of LNG exports on job creation and economic growth. The LNG industry supports thousands of jobs across the country, from the extraction of natural gas in places like the Permian Basin to the operation of export terminals along our coasts. These jobs provide stability and opportunity for countless American families, driving local economies and fostering prosperity.

Furthermore, LNG exports have the potential to strengthen our geopolitical position by reducing the influence of energy-rich adversaries and bolstering alliances with strategic partners. By expanding our export capabilities, we can diversify global energy markets and provide reliable alternatives to countries currently dependent on less stable sources of energy.

Opponents of LNG exports often cite environmental concerns, but the reality is that American natural gas is among the cleanest and most efficient energy sources available. Technological advancements have enabled significant reductions in emissions intensity, with producers leading the way in implementing innovative solutions to minimize environmental impact. We must continue to incentivize emissions reductions through technologies like LNG, not pit one energy source against another.

Rather than imposing arbitrary taxes and regulations that stifle innovation and undermine competitiveness, we should be championing policies that encourage responsible energy production and exports. Repealing President Biden’s LNG export ban is not only a matter of economic necessity but also a crucial step toward securing our nation’s energy future.

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed my bill, H.R. 7176, the Unlocking Our Domestic LNG Potential Act of 2024. This legislation would reverse President Biden’s LNG export ban. A bipartisan group of lawmakers supported it, including all Republicans and nine Democrats.

As we navigate the complex challenges of the 21st century, let us not forget the importance of harnessing America’s energy potential to drive progress and prosperity at home and abroad. It’s time to put aside partisan differences and unite in support of policies that promote energy security, economic growth, and American leadership on the world stage. The stakes are too high to allow ideological agendas to stand in the way of our nation’s energy independence and security.